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When I drip you drip we drip.

An 💎 Ethereum protocol for 📮 recurring token-streams. No 💸 commissions, or 👔 intermediares.


Create recurring funding streams from one address to another


Automatically split a portion of incoming drips to others


Create NFT memberships, raise funds & offer benefits to your supporters

A decentralized social funding network

Create a circular ♻️ and sustainable social funding network by dripping funds to your favorite 💖 creators and dedicating a percentage of your incoming 💦 drips to others.

Issue your NFT membership

Start receiving recurring token-streams from your fans. More details here.

A creator sets a goal 🏅 and a minimum fan contribution.

Fans drip funds in exchange for NFT 🎟 memberships

Creators choose 💫 benefits their fans get, like Snapshot voting or Discord access.

Creators spread the love 💌 and split a percentage of their incoming drips to other communities or users


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